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Chakra Necklace

Swarovski crystals chackras necklace. 

This beautiful chakras crystal necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry featuring the seven chakra colors handmade with Swarovski crystals. 

By wearing chakra colors you are aligning yourself to be more emotionally and physically balanced and helps you to be more open to positive aspect of your life. 

We all have chakras and each is symbolized by rainbow of colors, they represent our 7 major energy centers: 
Purple – crown chakra, 
Indigo – third eye chakra, 
Blue – throat chakra, 
Green – heart chakra, 
Yellow –solar plexus chakra, 
Orange – sacrat hara chakra, 
Red – root chakra. 

The pendant measures 2”, and you can select cable silver plated chain from 16” to 24” or leather cord 18”. 

Regular price for chakra necklace is $16.95

The shipping charge for USA customers will be calculated: $3.50 for first item, additional $0.50 for second, $0.50 for third and $0.50 for forth items, and will be flat $6 rate for  
5 and more items.

For international customers is first item is $8, each additional item is $1, and will be $12 for 5 and more items. 

Chakra Necklace
Made from 7 Swarovski crystals
Price: $16.95
Cable chain or leader cord:
Chakra Necklace
Silver Plated with Rhinestones
Price: $16.95

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